May 11, 2011

Wearing A-Trak to be Hot Dude Of The Day Prom King

Hot Dude Of The Day Prom King Edition With A-Trak

In high school, there are three types of dudes who get all the attention: the super-star athletes, brainiacs crazy-smart, and the main actor in the play. But we bet your bottom dollar that A-Trak prooooobably blew ALL the other kids out of the water sophomore, he won the DMC DJ World Championships when she was only 15. Yeahhhhh. Imagine sitting next to him in music class. Since then, A-Trak (who also happens to you hottie Chromeo David Macklovitch) went on tour with Kanye West as his DJ, announced that he will also tour with Travis Barker of Blink-182, a maestro of the record label in Fool's Gold launched, and co -helmed the creation of the song "Barbra Streisand" who NEVER LEAVES YOUR HEAD.

But for the main crowned prom king, not only about intelligence and popularity-it's also about style, duh. When A-Trak was stopped by the NYC in April, he issued WORKS for his stage ensemble. He wore, unimpeachably classy black, one-button, shawl collar tux, white shirt with contrast button and detail dorbs super ', jauntastic velvet bow tie. That fits, of course, flawless. Once we see this get-up, we just want to persuade / push him into the limo we dub him IMMEDIATELY and our prom date who you are "not know" because he "did not go here" and make alllll the other women jealous of the big day.

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